Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 3
Weight 204

Well, I have managed to get through the 3rd day of my master cleanse. I drank a cup of the herbal tea laxative last night before going to bed since I didn't have to be any where too early this morning, in case things got going really well.

I slept in this morning until about 8:00 because I stayed out at the Indian Casino until 1:00a.m. and was a little tired. I actually came out of the casino about $800 ahead, so it was worth my while, and of course fun. Anyway, I drank the tea and went to bed when I got home and really didn't notice much difference in my morning due to the tea. I drank the salt water flush first thing, and it worked like a charm again. About half an hour after drinking it, I used the bathroom 5 times (see footnote 1 below) over the course of about 20-30 minutes, and the flush was done, I showered, and went in to the office. I honestly don't see the need for the laxative. Maybe the flush doesn't work as well for other folks, but I will drink it again tonight before going to bed and see how tomorrow morning goes.

I drank 8 glasses of the lemonade today (10oz each). I already have my lemonade made for tomorrow and will drink 10 glasses.

Today I felt good but got a pretty hungry in the middle of the afternoon. Probably because I ran out of lemons and didn't have any lemonade from 10:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. Probably not the way the program is designed, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes. It is tax season and I have to meet with clients.

I have read that day 3 is one of the tougher days, and for me it was pretty tough in the afternoon when I was so hungry. Would have helped if I had planned better and had my lemonade made the night before.

The weather here has been below freezing temps for the last few days with some mixture of snow, sleet, and rain so I haven't been out to run. My eight year old daughter and I are home alone this weekend, so unless she goes to grandma's or one of her friends house's to play for a few hours, I won't be able to get out for a run. Might set my bike and trainer up inside the house and do some spin. I am curious how I will feel after exercising.

To sum it up, so far so good and I am still bent on going the full 10 days.

Now I am off to drink my tea and go to bed.

footnote 1: As with any pure liquid diet, pretty much pure liquid comes out. Seems to exit rather forcful as well, so there is some splattering and subsequent soiling of the toilet that takes place. Just wanted to mention this so that everyone can live this experience with me, and you can plan for some additional time each morning to clean the toilet before leaving the house.


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