Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 5
Weight 202

It has been a pretty good day. I looked up the lemon cleanse diet first thing this morning and I think I had been putting two tablespoons of sea salt in a quart of water each morning, and the diet listed 2 teaspoons. So, I only added two teaspoons of sea salt to my water this morning and nothing seemed to happen other than I drank a quart of salt water. No 'cleansing' this morning at all, so I suppose I just retained the water. I have probably not had all the lemonade I was suppose to have today, but I have been busy cleaning up the garage and the day just slipped away from me.

My energy level seems to be increased and I feel good. I still miss eating and get the urge to eat in the afternoons. So far, I have been able to resist.

I am thinking about quitting this cleanse after day five and continue with a different cleanse, one that allows you to eat, for 5-7 days. Will just see how I feel in the morning.


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